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My name is Bradley I'm 29 and have been in prison for 9 years. I have a 10 to Life sentence and am hoping to be released on parole next year. When you show up to prison not even 21 yet and know for sure you'll be here for at least a decade, you kinda gotta find your place. the violence n chaos n grind is all a given and you can't avoid all of the bad: but there’s a choice to be made to not let it become all you are. and I've done that by investing myself in art and creating art on many levels. obviously, I draw, I draw in colour, I draw portraits, I love and am most comfortable in the Chicano prison art style. Beyond that: I crochet, I do bead work, I carve soap, paper folding, I tattoo *the best:)*, I engrave things such as acrylic, I try and continually feed that craving I must create new things. I hope some of my art catches your eye in a way you may decide to acquire a piece. I genuinely wish the best to everyone. Tough times don’t last, tough people do

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