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My names Clayton McGill I'm 29 native American I grew up on my reservation Fort Hall Idaho since I was born bit about myself grew up in a traditional setting as a young age was taught our spiritual ways our native tongue. loved playing basketball I'm a huge fan of 90's rap, hip-hop, r and b. as a youth I grew up with older cuzzin's who I look up to my older cuzzin Derek "No-Sun" Brown an Nelson O'Brien was always into making music an drawing lettering doing their own home made Tees to sponsor there music witch at the time caught my attention

For art at the time was young didn't really proceed in any art but they both played a big part into why I'm drawing now in 2016 I did a few homemade tees with some of my art on them my cuzzin Derek saw them said I was doing good keep doing it but got caught up. I'm currently serving time in Idaho Maximum Security Institution for Felony Eluding (high-speed Chase) an Felony D.U.I. I hit back in July 28, 2016 been down since. didn't really start getting into art drew card's here and there for some commissary. but started getting into it more the reason I love drawing is being in a place like this.

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